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DIY Bass enhanced CROSSFEED Acoustic Simulator KIT


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DIY Bass Enhanced
Crossfeed KIT


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The simplest way to make your own crossfeed

Complete with all parts


Hundreds of these have been made easy to make and great fun
Guarenteed to work
if you can't complete it send it back with $12.50 for postage and parts it will be fixed and returned

What is crossfeed?

When we listen to a recording with headphones or earphones, the right ear gets only the right channel, and the left ear gets only the left channel. If a sound occurs only in the left channel, it’s heard only in the left ear. The right ear gets nothing, this never occurs naturally due to reflections and echo's in the room,

When you are sitting in front of a stereo pair of loudspeakers,  some of the sound from the left speaker is able to reflect around the room and reach your right ear. 

Headphone crossfeeding simulates this effect. This is why it is called an acoustic simulator. It simulates the acoustics of loudspeaker listening.

Crossfeeding blends the left and right stereo channels slightly, reducing the extreme channel separation which is characteristic of headphone listening and is known to cause headaches and fatigue in extended listening. Crossfeed also helps to compensate for extreme separation of sound sources in older stereo recordings which have been remastered and in some cases over separated. Crossfeed also improves the soundstaging characteristics and makes the music sound more natural, and more correctly simulates speakers. While some swear by crossfeed, many prefer amplifiers without it. The effect is very subtle and it is most noticeable on older recordings and when listening for extended periods

In short this makes a more natural sound as if you were listening to speakers

Why Bass Enhanced?
with a natural crossfeed the mixing of the channels can cause a perceived lowering of the very low end, the bass enhanced feature warms up the low end very slightly




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