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DIY 12AU7 Valve Cmoy Headphone amplifier KIT


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Nows your chance to build a genuine 12AU7 Valve amplifer
You need a soldering iron and wire cutters and you can do this

Special Guarantee
If for any reason you cannot complete the amplifier
It doesn't work!
It's too hard!
the dog chewed it!
Send it back with $25.00 for postage and parts it will be fixed and returned in working order
No Questions asked


 New printed circuit board
All Metal film resistors
470uF output capacitors
High quality film capacitors
JRC 4556 high current opamp
8 PIN IC socket
LM317 current regulator
Stereo Pot 10K Log taper
Aluminium Knob
DC power socket 2.1mm
Power toggle switch
2 x 3.5mm stereo jacks
9 pin valve socket
red LED 
Solder wire not included

Everything fits on the board

Designed to fit a Hammond 1593kbk case

*********NOT INCLUDED *********
because of postage the 12AU7 is not included,


Runs off 12 volts 1A DC regulated power supply (NOT INCLUDED) 

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