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Cmoy Classic Headphone Amplifier TI NE5532 SILVER


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Variable gain on each channel
balance the sound to suit your ears!!!!
setup to suit all kinds of headphones

What's a headphone amp? Serious headphone listening requires a headphone amp because just like speakers (but on a much smaller scale), headphones require power to move air and create sound. A good headphone amp isn't about making your music louder (though it does that, too); rather, it is about providing enough juice to drive your headphones well


Variable gain easily adjusts from 10 - 1.8
automatic off when headphones are unplugged
NE5532 - Texas Instuments Audiophile OpAmp
TLE2426 Rail Splitter

Integrated on/off switch and Balanced Volume control
LED power indicator

Gold plated Socket for OpAmp "Rolling"
Film capacitors in the signal path for lowest possible noise 
high speed ceramic decoupling capacitors

1% metal film resisters to give a clean balanced sound
1000uF extra low ESR power capacitors with deep rich bass
3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect cable INCLUDED!!
Cool Tin
Drives headphones with ease






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