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DIY 12AU7 Valve Cmoy Headphone amplifier KIT

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Hello, a short review of my first headphone tube amp :-)
I ordered this DYI kit out of curiosity and within 10 days it was delivered in a nice - mailbox friendly - little package. The manual is pretty straightforward and building the amp can be done in two hours. The tube must be bought separately. I selected the 12AU7 from La Radiotechnique (1958) and used 10 Sanyo eneloop 1.2 Volt batteries as a power source. Therefore I decided to only install R10 (10 Ohm) and skip R9. This way the LM317T provides a current of ~125 mA. According the data sheet of the 12AU7 this should be sufficient. I also didn't install the LED. Less wow factor but it saves on battery power. Measuring the total consumption, with my Sennheiser MX500 (32 Ohm) ear plugs attached, it's just around 136 mAh. What about the sound? I think it depends on the tube (and yes, still on my wish list: the headphone B&W P3). Sounded great to my ears. I'm happy with this little amp. It's a nice kit and fun to build :-)
Date Added: 04/05/2013 by Norbert Scheepers